Safe, welcoming and inclusive urgent mental health support

Our multi-disciplined team collaborate to offer a unique blend of high-engagement, peer-supported mental health support.

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A welcoming space for all

Designed in collaboration with the community, including people with a lived experience of a mental health crisis, the UMHCC offers a welcoming place to help everyone feel safe and accepted.


Support from people who have lived through it

Many of our staff are have experienced a mental health crisis and understand what you might be going through.

The Peer Support team work alongside the Clinical team, offering support from your arrival all the way to when you are ready to leave.

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Find a way forward, together

We provide immediate help to reduce distress and support you through a crisis, including on-site clinical services.

Our recovery-focused approach helps to understand your needs and provide you with the right support for now and connect you with ongoing support for later.

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An evidence-based approach

Drawing from leading international research, we focus on what works to support people in a mental health crisis.

With a long history of providing complex recovery-based support, we take a person-centred approach to match your support with your needs.

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Chat with our team or make a referral

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