Service Update – March 2022

UMHCC available 24/7, NSQHS accreditation, a new video tour, joining the UMHCC team and Alex's renewal at UMHCC.

22nd March, 2022

Extending our hours for more late-night support

Like everywhere in Adelaide, the Omicron wave has meant remaining flexible and making further adjustments at the Urgent Mental Health Care Centre. This flexibility includes extending our hours and now moving to 24/7.

Since 31 January, guests have been able to access late-night support for a mental health crisis at the UMHCC. For these guests, accessing peer and clinical support in a safe, comfortable, and calm place, has helped reduce distress, manage their wellbeing and plan the way forward without feeling rushed to leave.

Alex’s experience at the UMHCC

“By the time I left I felt renewed, I felt like I had aired out everything I needed to air out. It made me stronger, not just stronger, it made me who I am now.”

NSQHS Standards accreditation

We are proud of the UMHCC team for the recent review of our National Safety and Quality Health Services (NSQHS) Standards. Usually reserved for hospitals and public health services, Neami National is the first non-government service to have undergone this accreditation. Bringing a guest centred focus and UMHCC Principles of Care to each standard, the renewal of NSQHS Standards validates that the UMHCC is not only lived experience led, compassionate and welcoming but is also clinically rigorous.

Work with us at UMHCC

For people looking to deliver caring and helpful mental health support, you can see current vacancies on our website’s new work with us section. Joining the team is an opportunity to build on this new way to provide urgent mental health support in an environment prioritising positive culture, staff wellbeing, learning and innovation.

Seeking Lived Experience Governance Committee members

We are looking to fill two Lived Experience Committee member positions. The positions are for people who have a lived experience of receiving a service with the Urgent Mental Health Care Centre.

View details or apply on Neami’s Opportunity Connect website

Take a tour around the UMHCC

We have just published our latest video project to help people get a better sense of what it’s like at the UMHCC. In the video, the UMHCC’s Helene Nielsen takes us on a tour of the service and facilities. The online video is a new way to see the “loungeroom-like” space and better understand how we collaborate to offer high-engagement, peer-supported mental health support.

More information

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