Service update September 2021

Last month we worked with more people than any previous month, with 307 people presenting to the UMHCC with more than 500 UMHCC Guests have come from walk-in, self-referrals since June.

21st September, 2021

We are pleased that the majority of Guests are self-referrals which points to a growing awareness of the alternative support offered at UMHCC among the community.

For the 24% of referrals that came from First Responders, we are seeing handover times averaging less than 15 minutes. This efficient turn-around time improves the experience for Guests and also ensures First Responders are “back on the road” as quickly as possible.

Regardless of how you arrive – walk-in, a referral or via First Responders – our model of care brings together personal connection, service connection and follow up support.

Checking in and follow-up support from people who have lived through it

As part of supporting connection, follow up phone calls with Guests provide an opportunity to check in and see how they are, post-exit.

Our Peer Support Workers offer follow-up phone calls three days after receiving care and support at the UMHCC. The phone calls are an opt-out component of the service.

We also use these conversations to check-in on the actions of the collaborative plan developed while at the UMHCC. This can include asking if planned activities, such as scheduling a GP appointment, are progressing.

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“They rang me the next day and the day after that and that was fantastic somebody was checking up on me. I felt a lot more relaxed and just I had hope for the future.”
– Todd

Upcoming activity

Book a place for service tours or information sessions by emailing umhcc@neaminational.org.au. Online information sessions are running over the next few weeks on:

  • Wednesday 6th of October 9:30 am
  • Wednesday 20th of October 9:30 am.

Keep an eye on our website and Neami’s social media pages for more stories from guests and staff reflecting on their experience at the UMHCC.

Feedback and complaints are welcome

You can provide feedback directly to the UMHCC staff or via Neami’s Feedback and Complaints process.

We encourage feedback about your experience. Know what is working and what is not, helps us to improve to meet the needs of the community

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